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Miscellaneous Women’s Running Gear

There are a lot of female runners around the world. Due to their physiology and psychology, women need special gear for this sport and exercise. These gears address a woman’s need for functionality, physical support, practicality and aesthetic beauty.

One of the most basic women’s running gear is a headband. This is especially useful if the woman has long hair. The headband keeps her hair away from her face and eyes. It also soaks up the sweat that forms on the woman’s scalp and forehead. A headband can either be plain or fancy. It is a very simple but useful gear.

Another useful women’s running gear is a sports holster. This gear is somewhat like a vest which fits a woman’s upper torso. It features straps and pockets. These straps and pockets hold things together like water bottles, cell phones, players and loose change. The vest has a very snug fit, which means that every movement is possible and won’t be hampered. The vest is also very lightweight and comfortable which means it would not add to a runner’s stress.

But sports holsters can only hold small things. What about if a woman wants to bring extra clothes, towels or ready-to-eat meals? For this, she will need another simple woman’s running gear, which is a backpack. Backpacks make great and convenient compartments for putting much larger things.

The problem with backpacks though is that they tend to bounce along when the woman runs. So, some manufacturers, made the Ransack. This women’s running gear is a special backpack wherein the shoulder straps are eliminated from the design. The Ransack also has a vest-like design. This allows the Ransack to be worn as a sleeveless jacket. In essence, it is a backpack and a jacket at the same time!

Many women, especially mothers, like to take their babies along when they do their running exercise. But even with personal baby carriers, it is impractical to carry a baby on the shoulders or on the back. The baby’s extra weight would take its toll on the runner.

For those who have babies, jogging strollers are offered as part of a woman’s running gear. The baby would be placed in the stroller while the woman pushes it in front of her while running. To reduce the infant’s discomfort, jogging strollers have special suspensions in its wheels. Most strollers also have storage spaces below the infant compartments. This allows the woman to put her things and the stuff that the baby needs without having to hamper her load.

With these pieces of equipment, a woman can surely enjoy running safely and comfortably.

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