Asics Running Shoes For Women

ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 18 Running Shoe

Product features:

  • Have many adult sizes.
  • Available 4 colors.
  • Made of synthetic and mesh.
  • Have manmade sole.
  • Item shipping weight is 2 pounds.

Product description

            These are very good looking men’s sport shoes. They’re a little big, but not too much. On men they’ll look great. And as they’re big, your feet will be totally protected. You can wear them everywhere you want. No need to worry, if these shoes are suitable for that. These shoes offer 4 different colors to choose from - white/black/hot blue, black/onyx/white, lightning/flame/black and onyx/black/blazing yellow. All these colors are quite common and casual. They’re not very original. But color is very important only if you want to wear them as your everyday shoes. If you need them for style, then color choice is the most important thing. But if you need them for their qualities and functions, then color isn’t so important. These shoes are suitable for sports and activities. They’re great for running. You can wear them everywhere – indoors and outdoors. You can go to a gym, to a forest, to a city park or wherever you have to go. You can train everywhere, they’re suitable for any terrain. They have a great sole, that’ll protect your feet. So you can safely wear them to some rough terrain, as well. Your feet will feel very comfortable in them. From outside they’re big and strong, but inside they’re soft and comfortable. Your feet will feel wonderfully. You can train as long as you want, because your feet won’t start to hurt because of shoes. These shoes are made to ensure your feet great comfort. Also they’re light weight, so your legs won’t get so tired because of shoe weight. And these shoes are made of strong and durable materials. These shoes won’t fall apart. You can even wash them in a washing machine with a suitable program. You’ll find these shoes very useful. These are great shoes for any man.


  • Strong and protective.
  • Suitable for any purpose.
  • Elastic and thick sole.
  • Light weighted.


  • Not very original color choices.
  • Not so easy to pick the right size.