Cross Country Running Training: A Not-So-Secret Weapon

Cross Country Running Training isn’t a strange thing when talking about cross country running. As the sport involves running over a wide distance, stamina contributes to a runner’s performance during a cross country run and can be fortified during a cross country running training course. Speed is also a factor during a cross country running race, as well as the ability to adapt to various running terrain. Cross Country Running Training also tackles these aspects, conditioning athletes to the challenges encountered in a cross country running course.

The origins of Cross Country Running date back to the 1800’s in Europe. It was introduced to the United States in 1878, and was seen as a “training module” for track runners, considering the hoops runners had to go through. Nine years after its introduction, the United States eventually accepted Cross Country Running as a sport.

A major low in the history of Cross Country Running would be the sport’s being dropped out of the Olympic Games in 1924. The sport was seen as inappropriate as a summer sport, thus the decision.

No performance records of cross country running could be successfully kept due to the differences in course composition, not like track racing, or long distance running races. With cross country running, runners face courses covered in grass, mud, and sometimes water.

Thus the premise why cross country running training would focus on the concept of conditioning runners with the different terrain they would encounter during a run, the building up of a runner’s stamina, improving runner’s speed during a run and finally getting to know the running inclinations of a fellow teammate.

No different from long distance running training regimen, runners condition their bodies by doing regular runs, which increase distance every week. Also, with the race being a team effort, cross country running training gears runners in knowing their teammates’ pacing and running capabilities.

A superstar coach when it comes to cross country running training, Jack Daniels is one of the most successful coaches in the United States. His book, “Daniel’s Running Formula” is used by all levels of cross country running training courses, ranging from high school runs to international competitions.

Most cross country running training regimens involve practice runs on a “home built” course. The exposure to an actual race’s terrain conditions gear runners for the real thing, letting them practice the efficient use of their energy.

Bottom line, cross country running training is basically the conditioning of runners, making them ready to face an actual cross country running event.

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