Mizuno Running Shoes For Women

Mizuno is a Japanese manufacturer of advanced running shoes. It is one of the choicest brands of running shoes in the market.

Mizuno running shoes are favored not just because of their aesthetic beauty. They are also the favorite of many runners because of the advanced technology that is built into them. The technology featured in Mizuno running shoes are uniquely developed by the company.

Mizuno’s Wave technology is one of the developments which focus on the shoes’ midsoles. Standard shoe midsoles utilize the type of materials that provides proper absorption of shockwaves at the center of impact.

But with the Mizuno Wave technology, the force of impact is distributed all over the midsole. In effect, it provides very good cushioning. This biomechanical technology resists overpronation, stress on the knee joints. It also reduces midsole collapse.

Another technology that is incorporated in many Mizuno running shoes is Sensor Point. Sensor Point technology adds stability and traction to their shoes. It uses suspension studs that connect Wave technology directly to the ground.

Mizuno running shoes are also outfitted with their SmoothRide Engineering technology. The technology aims to reduce the sudden increase and decrease of speed that is expended when running. It does this by minimizing the shock vibration and increasing flexibility. The reduction of shock means that the runner will experience comfort and an even, smooth run.

Another uniquely developed technology for Mizuno running shoes is VS-1. VS-1 is comprised of exclusive shock absorbing thermoplastics that are placed in the highest initial impact points of the shoes, namely the heel and the forefoot. After the impact, VS-1 technology allows the sole to return to its original shape. The fact that VS-1 allows the shoes to resist compression makes the shoes very durable. It also means that the cushioning life of the shoe is doubled.

Finally, all Mizuno running shoes are fitted with its Intercool technology. This dynamic ventilation technology improves a runner’s performance by keeping the interior of the shoe cool. Therefore, the cool stays cooler and less humid. The added comfort also means a less chance of blisters forming due to discomfort.

When the foot strikes the ground, the midsole is compressed. Hot air from the shoe is then pushed through holes within the midsole. The air is then expelled through exhaust ports at the outsole of the shoe.

So when you buy a pair of Mizuno running shoes, it would be please you to know that you are purchasing high tech shoes.

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