Nike Running Shoes For Men

Summary: There are a lot of cool Nike running shoes featured in

Probably the best selling brand of running shoes would be the Nike running shoes. Not only that, Nike running shoes may be the most known brand of the shoe industry. Everywhere you go, you can find an individual sporting a Nike. And that’s mighty surprising, since Nike running shoes are never cheap to begin with. So what’s all this business with Nike? Or rather put bluntly, why should you strongly consider buying a pair of Nike?

A pair of a Nike running shoe is a mighty expensive purchase. A whopping $150 for a pair of Nike Shox TL IV is not funny. And cheapest Shox at $110 is still way out of my league. But because the assurance of a quality product and cool fashion supercedes the price tag it carries made me decide on the purchase. I don’t know if you agree with me but I always find Nike shoes to be very durable. I had a purchase of a Nike way back and it lasted me 4 years before I have to replace them. But make no mistake, the shoes were still in good condition, I just decided to replace them because they are starting to smell funky, a condition it got for sticking with my feet far too long.

Actually, there are a lot of cool Nike running shoes besides that overpriced Nike Shox TL IV featured in*. Bandolier is in fact a great Nike running shoe offered at $50. It is a trail running shoe with outsoles designed for exceptional traction on a variety of outdoor surfaces. Browse their catalog; they have excellent shoes offered in a reasonable price.

By the way, the best feature of (official Nike retailer) is the Nike iD. Check the catalogue. If you see an orange box on the upper right side with the label Nike iD, the option to customize your purchase is available with the shoe model. A very cool option, especially since you can have your own colors, which is not an everyday option in buying shoes.

So I checked on this cool looking $60 Zoom Rival Sprint III iD which featured a lean and light synthetic one piece vamp that would create a perfect foot lockdown for power transfer. It also has 7 removable spikes incase you opt to go with or without. But what I don’t like was the color. Good, since it has the Nike iD option. I started filling out my size which took me directly to the shoe design option. No, it doesn’t allow you to design the shoe, it only gives you an option to personalize your shoe with your own color preferences. After choosing spike for my outsole I was given the option to choose the colors for the outsole, mudguard, quarter, swoosh (Nike logo), lace color, and even the swoosh border. That’s one hell of an option; guaranteed that you’ll be having only the Zoom Rival Sprint with that color. So I breeze through the coloring process and personalizing until I arrive on the shopping cart option. Whoa! Still $60, but I got to have my own color!

Too bad I lived outside its coverage (U.S. only) or I would have that shoe delivered to me. Try it out; its cool having a pair of Nikes but it is way more awesome to have one with your color.