Running Tips For Losing Weight

Indeed, there are so many sports, activities and techniques for effectively achieving weight loss; however, did you know that running is considered as one of the most effective strategies of losing that excess weight? It may sound so simple and easy, but be prepared, because losing weight means hard work and some tough self-discipline. Here are some helpful tips on how you might just shed off that weight every time you step on that scale!

Find The Great Running Shoes For You

First and foremost, make it a point to get a hold of those great running shoes that you think will hold up your feet very well. Since running shoes are made to cushion and prop up your feet every time they stride off the ground, it is important to find that pair that will really do just that. Otherwise, you will immediately stop wanting to run even before you have warmed up. Warming up before starting to run is a very important step in running.

Consult Your Doctor For Safety

Give high priority to seeing your doctor before you set off planning your exercise program or your running regimen. This is even more important if a runner is overweight or if there are any health problems, medical illness or disorders. This way, you will be able to assess or gauge your capacity to run while giving the utmost precautions for your own health and safety.

Brisk Walk For Five Minutes

Initially, do brisk walking for 5 minutes. Only after those 5 minutes can you run longer distances at a comfortable speed. Make sure you do not jog because excessive bouncy movements may actually wear out a runner's knee cartilage; and thereby, inflicting pain in your knees. This will not be too good, especially for your plans of running since the pain will of course, affect the way you will run. Or worse, the pain might be too excruciating for you that even your manner of waling will be affected.

Do Not Diet And Run

Even if your main objective for running is to lose weight, remember not to diet especially the first time that you will run. Instead, eat healthful food and cut down on your snacks. And equally important is maintaining a good posture while you run. Master the art of relaxing your shoulders, staring ahead of you, never bowing down while running and never clenching your hands into tight fists

Increase Your Water Intake

Drink lots of water regularly to revitalize you since water is a very good source of energy as well. This must be done every hour before and after every run. Obviously, when you run, you will perspire too much letting off lots of fluids from your body. This causes dehydration that is why you need to drink more water than you usually take in to replenish all the lost fluids.

Do Some Strength-Training Exercises

And lastly, it will do you good to increase your strength-training sessions in a week. This part of your running regimen will build more body mass while eliminating unwanted fats in your body. However, this may take longer than what you will expect, because it is more of adding muscles to your body which will make you lose some inches here and there.