Trail Running Shorts

In the world of sports clothing, there is such a thing as trail running shorts.

With most brands making trail running shorts from quick drying material, trail running shorts are made to be lightweight shorts ideal for running activities. Most shorts of this type come with drawcords supporting and elastic waists, and come with stretch-mesh type pockets.

Nike’s Race Day shorts would be a good example. Made from the now standard Dri-FIT material, the Nike Race Day shorts is a split leg running shorts type, designed for extra tough running excursions. The pair of shorts is designed to have self-fabric bindings at the shorts’ leg openings, with Nike’s Swoosh trademark design at the left leg.

Asics’ R/D 2” is another pair of running shorts made with at split leg design. The pair of shorts is designed to style standards, as well as for comfort requirements.

Asics’ Hydrology fabric is utilized in making the item, a highly absorbent fabric which absorbs sweat from the skin, transferring the absorbed moisture on the fabric’s surface. The fabric is built to provide air circulation within the fabric’s woven structures.

Sugoi 42K Shorts, made from HexLite polyester, is another pair of shorts in the realm of trail running shorts. Designed for long distance running events, the pair of shorts has rear and waist pockets enough to hold Identification Cards, and energy gel containers. The item has a built-in mesh inner brief, and a drawstring waist.

Men’s Best of Times Microfiber Split Shorts is another pair one would find in a trail running event. As trail running shorts, they still boast the classic split short design and as trail running shorts, are made of light Microfiber material. The pair of shorts has an internal key pocket and a built in Coolmax brief.

Men’s RRS Go-Getter Shorts would be another type of trail running shorts. The lightweight quick-drying material making the pair of shorts is ultra durable. It is built with an elastic waist, for extra comfort, and a self-fabric brief, for extra support.

Though not exactly the shorts that come into mind when talking about trail running shorts, compression shorts are also items worth considering when trail running shorts are being talked about. Bottom line, compression shorts are undergarments for athletes. These form fitting shorts cover a wearer’s waist to lower or mid thigh area. They are somewhat similar to cycling shorts, as they are made from “spandex-like”, stretchable material.

Compression shorts ideally compliment trail running shorts, providing comfort, letting runners focus on their running pace, and not with the issues that come with wearing uncomfortable undergarments. Quite an important thing to consider, especially if one is running in a race.



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